Finding the RITE Solution

RITE Services
We provide sustainable and transformative education solutions.
RITE EDUCATION is an education consultancy based in Malaysia that offers a range of bespoke sustainable solutions to 21st century challenges in  learning and leadership for schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies. Through the consistent focus on Research, Innovation, Transformation and Empowerment -  the four pillars upon which RITE Education programmes are founded - we ensure that all our solutions meet the challenges of the 21st century.
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Education Programme Development


We harness the collective experience or cour local and international associates to develop bespoke programmes that bring about sustainable and meaningful change.

All programmes are grounded in international best practice, but also tailored to the needs of the client which is determined through a collaborative needs analysis.

Our programmes also provide monitoring and evaluation tools as well as capacity-building processes to ensure that knowledge of new methodology and strategies will be transferable via internal mechanisms. Our programmes encourage broad stakeholder involvement and ownership.
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Impact Studies and Reports


We design and conduct baseline and impact studies for corporate and educational institutions. The collective experience of the RITE Management team, as well as the skills of our RITE Associates, enables us to quickly mobilise a team who could, through our use of 21st century technology and blended support services, design Monitoring and Evaluation tools, implement and analyse data and produce quality reports.
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Curriculum Design


Through our extended team of RITE Associates, we offer expertise in a vast range of international and local curriculums, including the International Baccalaureate, Cambridge, International Primary Curriculum (IPC), Malaysian, South African, and more.

Our team of expert practitioners provides support with curriculum design and implementation.
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Soft Skills Development and Training


RITE draws upon the expertise of our associates to provide soft skills training and coaching in both the corporate and educational sector.

Our courses offer a comprehensive approach to ensure that change is continuous and becomes embedded in the DNA of the organisation.

Courses include (but are not limited to):
  • Social and Emotional Intelligence

  • Change Management

  • Effective Communication

  • Leadership Development

  • Time Management

  • Staff Engagement

  • Thinking Skills and Problem Solving

  • Conflict Management

RITE Clients