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RITE Education is delighted to be an official partner of the Reimagine Education Awards and Conference - the 'Oscars of Education' - in London this December.

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RITE Education founder & managing director, Ms Elmarié Potgieter, will be a panellist at the Can Education Save Democracy?  session, at 11am on 10 December. (click here for the full conference agenda)

Elmarié will be speaking on "Promoting Social Cohesion and Democracy Through Education". She applies Jensen's framework of social cohesion (Jensen, J., 1998) to the education sector, advocating five characteristics - a sense of belonging, inclusion, participation, recognition and legitimacy. She relates her extensive experience in education transformation in developing countries to how collaborative learning structures encourages meaningful engagement amongst learners and nurtures shared values.

Elmarié also draws upon effective differentiation practices and localisation of curricula as drivers of relevancy and equality in teaching and learning. She promotes the development of critical thinking through inquiry-based practices as fundamental towards cultivating open-minded social attitudes through everyday experiences. Finally, she champions partnerships within the communal ecosystem, which offer vast opportunities for mutual respect, tolerance and ultimately the practice of democracy to be fostered.