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PINTAR Core Modules

The PINTAR Foundation Core Modules for Teachers are in-service professional development modules which are designed to equip school staff with strategies and approaches to embed a culture where thinking is valued and 21st century competencies are promoted throughout the school among its leaders, teachers, students and parents.
The modules are delivered to ALL school staff members, and are aligned with the MOE national curriculum, building on and extending existing knowledge and practices.  Alignment with policy and expectations ensure that the content is viewed as relevant and supporting the achievement of school and individual performance targets. Schools take ownership of the implementation of the strategies and approaches through teacher and school action plans with targets that they set collaboratively and individually. Leaders are provided with online and paper-based monitoring and evaluation tools that support sustainable and ongoing practices. The modules and programme materials are presented in Bahasa Malay, and teachers are supported via dissemination of tool kits, as well as online and Face-to-Face support.
PCT Programme Modules:

1: The 21st Century Classroom Environment: Collaboration and Communication
2: Problem solving, Creative and Analytical Thinking Skills PCL Programme Modules:   Leading the 21st Century Thinking School


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