RITE Education Programmes

EngagED: 21st Century Approaches to Learning and Teaching

The EngagED: 21st Century Approached to Learning and Teaching Programme focuses on raising student engagement in lessons through a series of Cooperative Learning and Assessment for Learning Strategies that teachers implement in their classrooms.  These strategies not only ensure that ALL students are engaged during lessons, but also deliver an embedded social skills curriculum that allows for sharing, taking turns, communicating, disagreeing politely, developing leadership and confidence. This all happens within a positive learning environment where student success is celebrated - both by peers and the teacher.  

The programme also aims at building sustainable systems of knowledge transfer in the schools where we work. We train a group of Change Teachers who become coaches that lead the training and transformation of practice from within through developing effective Professional Learning Communities. After a whole-school training session for all teachers, led by the RITE Team, these change teachers receive face to face and online coaching.  They lead mini-training sessions and present impact data to the school leadership team and teachers.  

The most important change agents are the students.  Their abundant joy and improved learning outcomes are the key change driver in the school. A culture change happens from within when teachers realise that their students are able to take ownership of their own learning, can manage their learning independently, in groups or in pairs.  The smiles on their learners' faces and the sense of inclusivity makes the teacher realise that their job is to empower and facilitate and not simply fill the students' heads with information.  The EngagED Programme is truly an enabler of the acquisition of 21st Century skills where the students collaborate, communicate, think critically, work ethically and develop leadership and self-reflection skills. 

Throughout the programme the teachers also learn Formative or Assessment for Learning (AfL) skills that enable the students to self-and peer-assess and for the teacher to reflect on the continuous progress of the students.