We are passionate about education

The Company

RITE Education

RITE Education, (previously known as RITE Education Consultancy PLT) is a fully owned subsidiary of RITE International Incorporated, and continues the work of RITE Education Consultancy – established in February 2016. RITE Education offers a range of bespoke sustainable solutions to 21st century challenges in learning and leadership for schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies that enables you to achieve your aspirational goals through research, innovation, transformation and empowerment – the four pillars upon which the RITE Education Group of Companies is founded.

Our promise to you is to provide you with powerful solutions that are right for you and sustainable both in the immediate and long term. We achieve this by not only meticulously researching the problem at hand and developing custom innovations that are specific to your needs, but more importantly and guided by our mission to build capacity on the ground, by transferring knowledge and skills to you and your educational environment in a dynamic and self-actualizing way that enables an empowering transformation.
We are not interested in quick fixes and an ephemeral exchange with you. We are committed to building a lasting relationship with you. When you become a client of RITE Education, you will have an ally for life. Our engagement with you does not end at the close of our contractual agreement. Ours is a life-long commitment to you, a sustainable alliance.

RITE Education has a liquid workforce, comprising of a large network of local and international RITE Associates. Our education experts from around the world adhere to strict quality guidelines and standards that are set by us. We bring to each and every consultancy project we take on, the best international expertise alongside the best local expertise to ensure that solutions are both sounds locally and internationally relevant for a globally interconnected world.

Key Principles


Research-based solutions that reflect international best-practice and local realities.


Innovative approaches that embed global trends in education.


Sustainable change practices that are driven through capacity building.


Empowering the individual to take ownership of learning leads to sustainable and embedded life-long success.

The RITE Approach

"Doing it the RITE way"

Developing close collaborative partnerships with clients and in supporting the development of a collaborative culture in schools and organisations is essential for success in the 21st century

Recognising that each individual, team, school or corporate organisation has unique needs and require bespoke and tailored solutions based on thorough research and review of current needs

Sustainability and continuous growth is supported through capacity building, meaningful performance development and continuous opportunities to learning and reflect on progress towards clear targets