Twelfth Malaysia Plan Kick-Off Conference

Twelfth Malaysia Plan Kick-Off Conference organised by the Ministry of Economic Affairs alongside United Nations Malaysia & The World Bank, 1 July 2019 @ Putrajaya Marriott Hotel

Every 5 years, the government of Malaysia comes up with a development plan along with its implementation framework. The Twelfth Malaysia Plan (12MP) focuses on three dimensions: economic empowerment, environmental sustainability, and social re-engineering. Its goal is to ensure that Malaysia becomes a developed, dynamic and prosperous country, whilst sharing and distributing the benefits of national growth in a fair and sustainable manner for all Malaysians.

Social cohesion is an important aspect of the 12MP policies and initiatives. Local challenges and global trends have to be considered in formulating the strategies and programmes, and this Kick-Off Conference gathers various experts and stakeholders from various institutions including government bodies and NGOs to facilitate a multilateral sharing of ideas.

Elmarié with Nigel (Business Development Manager) and Qasim (Education Intern)

Founder of RITE Education, Ms Elmarié Potgieter, was invited to engage in a panel on Education as a Driver for Social Cohesion and Unity. Elmarié relates Jensen’s Framework of Social Cohesion (Jensen, J. SRA-321, 1998, Strategic Research and Analysis Directorate, Department of Canadian Heritage, Ottawa.) to the delivery of education.

For the full video of Elmarié’s keynote, click here!