7th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning

7th International Conference on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) by Eurasia Research

On 25 June 2019, the Founder of RITE Education, Ms Elmarié Potgieter, delivered a keynote at the 7th ICTEL conference in Kuala Lumpur. The keynote topic was Let’s Not Get Lost in Translation: Implementing International Best Practices and Localising Curriculum Content.

95 participants from 13 countries including Indonesia, the Philippines, Uzbekistan and United Arab Emirates, submitted their educational research entries for this conference, with 20 selected for presentations and technical sessions.

The Teaching and Education Research Association (TERA) is an international community of researchers, practitioners, students and educationists for the development of ideas in the field of teaching and education. TERA brings together over 4,500 professionals across Asia, Europe and Africa, encouraging intellectual development and creating opportunities for networking and collaboration. Eurasia Research provides professional services and promotes conferences organised by TERA.