If you have the heart to do it, nothing will stop you!

Very often, it is disheartening to discover colleagues amongst ourselves in education who profess to desire change, yet lack in desire for implementing change.

Peter Tabichi is a science teacher from rural Kenya. He is the winner of the 2019 Global Teacher Prize, organised by the Varkey Foundation. The award is presented annually “to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession”.

In 2013, the Foundation commissioned a research into attitudes about teaching as a profession, teachers’ salaries, students’ attitudes towards educators, and how people rated their own education systems. The shocking results of this research led the Foundation’s Chairman to establish the award, with the aim of raising the profile and respectability of the teaching profession.

Peter was among 10,000 nominations from 179 countries for the award. He serves in a deprived school, with overcrowded classes (70-80 learners) and few textbooks, which have to be shared. He gives away 80% of his pay in order to support learners, many of whom are orphaned.

“It’s not all about money,” he says.

Peter travels to a cyber café in order to download resources for his science lessons. Many of his learners walk over 6 km on poorly-maintained roads to go to school. Nevertheless, together they have been successful in science competitions, including an award from the Royal Society of Chemistry in the United Kingdom.

The Varkey Foundation hopes that Peter’s story “will inspire those looking to enter the teaching profession and shine a powerful spotlight on the incredible work teachers do throughout the world every day”.

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