STEAM: Integrating the Arts in the STEM agenda

I’m often asked about STEAM and how to go avout implementing it in a school. It is unfortunate that in Malaysia we are more focused on the STEM agenda with folks thinking that integrating the arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will water it down but it is not the case at all. S:  Physical and Social SCIENCES T:  Incorporation of TECHNOLOGY E:  Principles of ENGINEERING and Design A:  English Language ARTS M: Application of MATHEMATICS Just imagine studying the patterns and architecture in birds nests and applying those in constructing an original work of art. To me the best example of STEAM is to be found in the work is Leonardo da Vinci.

I’ve added some links to the Georgia State Education Dept. and their STEAM guidelines. A MS Word doc can be downloaded for free. Petrosains Malaysia is doing outstanding work on promoting STEAM, especially through their Science Drama competitions. I am wondering how far they are pushing the STEAM agenda and how Malaysian teachers can get involved?