Collaboration and networking is important, but have you considered how this will support your mission?

Over the past few years I’ve met so many interesting people who are all passionate about what they do. These are people who are not focusing on their jobs or careers, but have a passion for the causes they are promoting. People with passion for life and who have a clear mission in life, will not be counting the years/months/weeks till retirement. No, like the honorable Tun Dato’ Seri Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad who is an amazing man. He dedicates his life to a clearly defined mission – and this keeps his mind agile and incredibly sharp! tun Another person who has impressed me tremendously with his passion for education, is the honorable H.E. Mr Anand Panyarachun, previous Prime Minister of Thailand. He is a fervent supporter of educational reform and sees the role that education plays in Thailand as crucial to the future. myxj_20160823164910_save The drive and commitment to improving education in Malaysia shown by the Chairman of the PINTAR Foundation Board, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Utama Arshad Ayub. What amazed me about him, was again his excellent sense of humour and ability to touch the hearts of the PINTAR Foundation principals. His insight in what needs to be done in Malaysian education is remarkable! 20160917_174858 Two of my personal heroes who inspire me greatly have to be included in this reflection. Firstly, Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, founder and group CEO of Air Asia and Tune Group of Companies. This man is truly inspiring, and to listen to his no-nonsense and practical approach to life, one can’t help but be inspired. What impressed me most about him, is his belief that any young person can thrive. He is not into pomp and ceremony. He is the epitome of a person who is following his mission in life! 20160511_135604 Then comes the man with a vision to provide quality free education to people across the world, another hero of mine, Sebastian Thrun. Sebastian Thrun is an innovator, entrepreneur educator, and computer scientist from Germany. He was CEO and cofounder of Udacity. Before that, he was a Google VP and Fellow, and a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. I believe his model of creating nano-degrees which are industry recognised is the way forward in education! sebastian-thrun If you do not have a mission, take stock of your life. In RITE Education, we hope to improve the educational experience of children all over the world. We want them to love school and be nurtured as emotionally intelligent, mindful and resilient human beings who care for the the planet, their country and the people around them. We also want to be a conduit, a connector, an enabler, that brings people and organisations together in innovative ways. Key to this is networking and participating in as many events possible. Sharing your knowledge and carrying it forward. A beautiful thing that so many young people in Malaysia are doing. Young people like Edmond Yap from EduNation Malaysia, Alina Amir from Arus Education, Amy Ang, Daniel Loy from Petrosains, Prof. Foo from Sunway University…the list just goes on and on! People with a mission to make a difference to the lives of others. We salute you! 14370437_10153703785576930_6619895666274322077_n