Elmarie potgieter

Extensive experience in private and public education training, management, development and international transformation projects in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. A passionate educationalist who upholds two fundamental principles: Capacity Building and Sustainable Solutions, with a relentless focus on the creation of cultures of continuous thinking and learning. Elmarie’s approach to transformation both in the corporate and education field, is grounded in a deep understanding of the learning needs of adults and children and the belief that change should be embedded through a comprehensive bottom up and top down strategy that involves all stakeholders’ understanding and commitment to change.

From 2011 to 2015 she led the LeapEd Services Education Development Team responsible for the design and implementation of the Yayasan AMIR Trust Schools Programme. This Programme aims at finding a sustainable solution to transformation of Malaysian public schools in order to provide an equitable, meaningful and relevant educational experience to all students, regardless of socio-economic status or geography. Other projects in this role included the development of SOM: a framework for the measurement of holistic student outcomes in 6 domains as defined by the Malaysian Education Blueprint as well as projects aimed at national education transformation such as Project PreSTasi, involving 426 Malaysian principals and coaches, Project GUSTO, a collaborative project with Teach For Malaysia and Yayasan AMIR and collaboration with ELTC and PINTAR.

Elmarie is regularly invited to participate in panel discussions and to present on topics such as school transformation, promoting a thinking culture, emotional intelligence, brain-based learning, engagement and social networking.  She is an accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach and with RITE Education Consultancy aims to continue her mission to improve the world through education. She welcomes collaborative initiatives and dialogues about new trends in professional development.

Lalitha Chalcraft

Lalitha is an educator with vast leadership, consulting and teaching experience in  the UK and Malaysia. She holds an MA in Education – ESOL and BA (HONS) in Education – from the University of London Institute of Education, as well as a variety of qualifications obtained in Malaysia and the UK.

During her successful career in education, she served as Education Adviser for LeapEd Services Malaysia, working in the Trust Schools Project across schools in Kuala Lumpur.  Prior to that she served as Head of Junior School of Mutiara International Grammar School, Kuala Lumpur, Key Phase Coordinator of Sudbury Primary School, Middlesex, UK and taught in several UK Schools as primary and secondary school teacher across a range of curriculum areas for more than 17 years.  Lalitha also worked as teacher in Malaysian Government schools as English, History and Mathematics teachers.

Some of her career highlights were the development of Literacy and Maths policies for UK schools, successful leadership of Maths departments during OFSTED inspections in the UK, as well as her work with refugees from Sri Lanka, Africa and Eastern Europe.  She brings with her a depth of curriculum and school leadership experience and is well known in education circles for her insight, deep knowledge of both the Malaysian and British Curriculum and her excellent people skills.


RITE Associates are independent highly experienced and respected educators with a wide variety of skill sets and speciality fields who provide consultancy support to RITE clients. Our Associates are located in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, Greece, India, United States of America and Canada. RITE Associates have a proven track record and provide support that meet RITE Education’s high quality standards.

Sheila Ganesan

More about Sheila

Sheila is an experienced educator who started her career as an English teacher at St. Joseph’s Secondary School in Sabah. After that she moved on to various roles, developing her strengths as curriculum designer, Leadership Development Officer and Government-University Engagement Manager for Teach for Malaysia. Apart from these strengths, she is also a book editor and has worked on film production teams.

Sheila holds a B.Ed.(Hons), Linguistics and English from Duneden University, New Zealand, and is currently pursuing a Master of Education, Educational Psychology.

Rory Mooney

More about Rory

Rory has extensive successful experience in the public education sector, and with private and corporate foundations, of the leadership and management of the design, development and delivery of system and school improvement programs; learning, leadership, and teaching professional development programs; academic and curriculum products; and educational intervention projects, in a wide range of international settings.

Most recently, Rory worked for the International Baccalaureate Organization (IB) where he led a team focused on improving access to, and development of, high quality learning opportunities for underprivileged, underserved and at-risk students. In addition, he has substantial expertise and experience in improving the identification of, and provision for, gifted and talented students.

Rory holds a Bachelors degree from the University of London, and a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. He is passionate about education – having worked in the education field throughout his professional career – and believes that every child matterst.

Amy Ang

More about Amy

Amy Ang is a soft skills educator and trainer for schools, corporates and non-profit organisations with strong expertise in mindfulness and emotional intelligence. Amy is a certified mindfulness trainer under Mindfulness in School Project (MiSP, UK) and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program for Teens (MBSR-T, USA). She has also completed Mindful Schools (USA) curriculum training program for K-12 students. She is currently providing soft skills training to public schools and refugee schools in Malaysia. Amy is passionate about providing a holistic education for students, unlocking their inner wisdom, empowering them to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Apart from education, Amy also has extensive management consulting experience throughout South East Asia and China. Amy holds an MBA from INSEAD and is currently training under Search Inside Yourself Engage program, a mindfulness based emotional intelligence program for corporates founded at Google.

Kenneth Yee

More about Kenneth

Kenneth Yee is an award winning communicator, a trainer, motivator, coach, facilitator and marketer with a strong professional and entrepreneurial background. Kenneth has 12 years of experience in communications and personal development. He is also an award winning Toastmaster, having represented his home club TTDI in the National Finals of the International Speech Competition 2012/2013. As a graduate of the coveted Nestlé Management Programme, he offers a unique perspective from his experience in advertising, copywriting, marketing, brand management, sales management, personal development, public speaking, art & design, food & beverage and internet marketing. Kenneth has been recognised for his marketing strategies and tenacity through recognition and winning several awards at college and university levels.

He is a certified trainer and student of T. Harv Eker’s Signature Program – Quantum Leap.  In his training sessions, Kenneth is committed to the learning and understanding of his participants and  believes that when it comes to matters of passion, one needs to do the heart work and the hard work. He now coaches and mentors start-ups, youths and businesses in awakening to their highest potential so that they may live life by design and choice through passion, purpose and contribution.

Hajjah Azizah bte Jaafar

More about Azizah

Azizah served for 39 years with the Ministry of Education in a variety of roles ranging from Maths to English teacher, to School Senior Assistant. She is an experienced teacher and school leader.  During her career she received the Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang award four times.

Azizah was also very active in co-academic activities with the State Education Department.  She also served on exam panels for Melaka schools. She is a passionate educator with a keen interest in improving and transforming education in Malaysia.

Nor Azian Zulkifli

More about Nor Azian

Nor Azian is a seasoned Malaysian teacher and part time lecturer.  She has taught English for the past 36 years and served as examiner for written English in the SPM exam for 20 years. She is also a part time lecturer at the Institute Technology, Perak Ipoh.

Nor Azian is an outstanding translator and has a deep understanding of the Malaysian curriculum.

Margaret Corcoran

More about Margaret

Margaret Corcoran is  an educational strategist with over thirty years’ experience leading and supporting national and international P- 13 schools in Australia, the Middle East, Turkey, South Africa and recently East Africa. Such experience has given her a rich understanding of a variety of curricula including the IB, American Diploma, British, IPC as well as a number of national curricula.

She also has significant experience in developing and managing educational companies offering a range of education solutions. Previous roles include Strategic Education Consultant, CEO/Consultant Head of Education, Executive Director and Executive Principal.


Rebecca Hayday-Kerr

More about Rebecca

Rebecca is a UK educationalist with extensive educational experience in both a teaching and advisory capacity in the UK and internationally in both the public and private sectors. Working as a Local Authority Advisor Rebecca provided guidance and professional learning to early years educators and leadership teams across the borough relative to the needs of schools, local and national initiatives and statutory requirements. She further designed and delivered a range of training courses including; Drama in the Early Years, Messy Play and the Foundation Stage Profile.

Rebecca has worked on three school transformation projects internationally in; Qatar, Al Ain and Malaysia and as a result has raised student achievement and sustainable improvement in learning and teaching accross these projects. This was achieved through the design and delivery of Professional Development for teachers and school leaders, advising and guiding leaders and teachers in relation to the school improvement process, curriculum planning and teaching methodology.

She has authored and contributed to numerous Professional Development Programmes, training modules and publications including; TeachSmart, LeadED & MidLED, “The Good Practice Guide” and “The Foundation Curriculum for Qatar” and relating training materials, and an early years assessment tool  “Celebrating the Learning Journey”.

Alpa Shah

More about Alpa

Alpa Shah is an educationist and is a director of two endeavours,  first “The Brain Buddies” which is a curriculum focussing on the development of right brain potential in every child and second “Future Leaders Internship Program (FLIP)” which focusses in experiential learning for high schoolers and pre- university students.

She has over 15 years of experience in various academia segments in Malaysia. Apart from being a certified and a specialist in Montessori education, she has certifications in various areas of education including right brain training.  Her experience covers 360 degrees of education industry from educating pre- schoolers, primary students while being in multiple roles ranging from assistant teacher, head of extra- curricular activities and assistant head of lower primary with an international school. With tertiary students, she has experienced counselling , coaching and inspiring college students in evaluating their academic choices and subsequently executing their placements across various locations, such as Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Europe, Canada and Singapore.

Creative education inspires her and she looks forward for opportunities in making a difference in the lives of others.

Helen Maffini

More about Helen

Helen Maffini is an experienced educator with over 20 years of experience in the field. An expert in Social Emotional Learning and Early Childhood Education, Helen has a wealth of experience around the globe. A former school principal, Helen has also worked in large scale education reform projects in Senior Leadership posts. Helen currently consults a variety of schools and kindergartens on school improvement, curriculum development and programme implementation. Helen holds a M.Ed in and is in process of obtaining her Doctorate of Education.

She holds certifications in NLP (Neuro Lingusitic Programming), Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology, Developmentally Appropriate Practice, and Project Management.

Helen is the author of the following programmes:

MindWise Education’s Mindfulness for Preschoolers, Elementary,  Secondary, Parents

Happy to Be Me: Social Emotional Learning for Preschoolers, Elementary, Secondary, Parents

Little Leaders: Leadership for Preschoolers, Elementary, Secondary, Parents

Parent and Toddler Programme

Love my Literacy

I love Numbers

I am a Scientist

Sandra Wolf

More about Sandra

Sandra Wolf has twenty-five years of experience in editing and educational training, after starting a career as a patent attorney in Melbourne, Australia in 1987. In 1991, she obtained her UCLES/RSA/CTEFLA, and has since used this qualification, together with her skills from the intellectual property field, to do freelance editing work and to train adults in their spoken and written business English in Australia, Germany, Indonesia, South Korea and Malaysia.

In Kuala Lumpur, Sandra has trained executives, engineers, auditors, HR personnel and advertising executives from prominent corporations such as Maybank, Petronas and TenagaNasional, in structured business writing for technical reports and any written document. She also developed the training materials for instruction.

Sandra has worked regularly as a freelance editor for clients such ITBM, Goethe-Institut Malaysia, The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Malaysia, Esquire Malaysia (sub-editor), academics (published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Malaysia, and the University of Malaya) and AIA Life Insurance Malaysia.

Ginette Collin

More about Ginette

Ginette Collin is a Soft Skills Specialist with a background in Performance Development Management, Education and Business Development.  She is the founder of PurpleLily, aNGO based in Borneo that specialises in Soft Skills, Financial Literacy as well as “Train the Trainer” programmes for rural communities.

Ginette has worked in a variety of settings including Australia, South America, Middle-East, Ethiopia & Tanzania and is currently based in Malaysia.  She is a developer of customised training programmes in professional and personal development for a wide range of clientele including corporate, community and education organizations.

Ginette’s soft skills specialty areas include Resilience/Mental Toughness, Goal Setting, Motivation, Building Confidence, Communication, Stress Management, Mind Mapping, Positive Thinking and Financial Literacy.

Ginette is an enthusiastic and passionate facilitator that energizes her audience and ensures training and presentations are highly interactive and meet the needs of the clients.

Lynne Mullane

More about Lynne

Lynne Mullane is an Australian educator who has been a teacher, Faculty Head, Deputy Principal and Principal in Australian secondary schools.  She has also been a Leadership Advisor in Abu Dhabi and a Consultant in Education Development as well as Programme Impact Assessment in Malaysia.

Lynne is highly experienced in leading and managing schools and has highly developed skills in policy development, whole school curriculum development, quality teaching and assessment, student data analysis, staff development and performance management, strategic planning and school self-evaluation.

Micheal Mullane

More about Micheal

Michael  Mullane is an Australian educator who has been a teacher, Assistant Principal, Deputy Principal and Principal of large Primary schools in Australia.  He has worked in Abu Dhabi as a Leadership Advisor and in Malaysia as a Consultant in Education Transformation Development and Programme Impact Assessment.

Michael has highly developed skills and expertise in the teaching of Literacy and Numeracy, data analysis, school improvement, teacher performance and student wellness.