Creating a Student-centered Classroom Through Cooperative Learning

One of the most powerful pedagogical strategies to transform learning, create student-centered classrooms, promote communication and develop social skills, is the use of cooperative learning strategies. I’ve seen the effectiveness of well-implemented and consistent use of CL in classrooms across several continents. It works with any age group, and in every subject.   In this video, […]

Creating a 21st Century Learning Environment Through Cooperative Learning

During the RITE Education Team’s recent school support visits to schools in Kelantan and Terengganu, we modeled to teachers and school leaders how Cooperative Learning structures can transform learning instantly.   When implemented correctly, the use of these structures delivers an embedded social curriculum that helps learners acquire the much misunderstood 21st century competencies.  Structured […]

Assessment for Learning (AfL) – Exit tickets and Parking Lots

It is essential for teachers to get continuous feedback from their students.  This helps them to plan lessons that meet the individual learning needs of all their students.  Even more importantly is the impact that self assessment and metacognition (thinking about your thinking) has on student achievement.  It is important that students are guided in […]

Contrary to popular opinion, thinking CAN be taught

There is a huge emphasis on HOTS and the development of thinking skills in Malaysia, but I am afraid that a lot of it is just plain TALK and THEORY.  Teachers are constantly told what they should be doing, but there is not enough support for teachers to show them HOW to do it in […]

Promoting Critical and Creative Thinking in Schools

Almost daily I am inundated by questions from school leaders and teachers in Malaysia on how to implement 21st century pedagogy and skills in their schools.  There are so many myths, and a lack of congruence between what teachers are told to do, versus what students are still be required to do in national exams. […]

What causes problems with student attendance

Are you experiencing problems with student attendance? Harvard University published a study that was done to involve parents as partners in reducing student attendance – and it worked – with up to 18% improvement in attendance amongst the students with low grades and 11% in the general school population. Read the article and then work […]

Teenage brains and why they act irresponsibly

Teenagers often act irresponsibly and parents find themselves at a loss on trying to understand why. Well, neuroscience provide some insight that could help to bring better understanding. Why Teens Are Impulsive, Addiction-Prone And Should Protect Their Brains

Connecting Art and Science

Connecting Art and Science. It saddens me to see how the Arts are not fully appreciated in schools in Malaysia. In an interview with SPM students, they expressed their wish for the discrimination against Arts stream students to end. They wanted to be able to do the Arts and Sciences together, without the usual attitude […]

STEAM: Integrating the Arts in the STEM agenda

I’m often asked about STEAM and how to go avout implementing it in a school. It is unfortunate that in Malaysia we are more focused on the STEM agenda with folks thinking that integrating the arts into Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics will water it down but it is not the case at all. S:  Physical […]

Collaboration and networking is important, but have you considered how this will support your mission?

Over the past few years I’ve met so many interesting people who are all passionate about what they do. These are people who are not focusing on their jobs or careers, but have a passion for the causes they are promoting. People with passion for life and who have a clear mission in life, will […]

Leadership Development: PINTAR Foundation PCL

RITE Education Consultancy has designed a bespoke leadership development programme for school leaders called the PINTAR Core Leadership Programme (or PCL). This programme is designed to run in tandem with the PCT (PINTAR Core Teaching Programme). For the past few days we’ve run a very engaging and successful pilot of the programme for 46 national […]

Engaging Students Through Cooperative Learning and Thinking Skills

RITE Education Consultancy presented a workshop at the Petrosains Science Festival on 13 September in order to support Science and Maths teachers with strategies to engage students during lessons and to promote thinking skills. It is key to all educators to understand the learning needs of the brain, and to ensure that students are fully […]