RITE EDUCATION CONSULTANCY LLP  is a boutique  education consultancy  in Malaysia and South-East Asia, offering a range of bespoke sustainable solutions to 21st century challenges in  learning and leadership  for schools, colleges, universities, governments, NGOs, associations and companies to enable the achievement  of identified goals through Research, Innovation, Transformation and Empowerment – the four pillars upon which RITE Education Consultancy is founded.


RITE Education offers a unique approach to education and professional development consultancy.  RITE utilises modern communication technology that allows our vast network of RITE Associates to provide a blended consultancy service.

Our unique network and use of blended, face-to-face and online support enables RITE Education to:

• Provide a cost effective service;

• Mobilise a team with diverse skills required for the project;

• Ensure that project milestones are met with high quality and excellence;

• Continuously expand the menu of services in line with international trends and advances in curriculum, technology and training.